Southwest Securities (HK) Brokerage Limited provides one-stop services in trading a wide range of securities, warrants and derivatives products. The company’s investment experts thoroughly analyze market information and prudentially select outperforming products for customers and help enhance their returns.

The company mainly serves small and medium Hong Kong and foreign enterprises and minimizes their business risks by diversifying their investments. It also customizes investment solutions to address different business needs and achieve the goal of asset appreciation.
For this purposes, the company provides a wide array of products and services, including local and overseas stock brokerage (such as Hong Kong stocks, China B shares, US stocks, Europe stocks and other regional stocks), securities margin financing and underwriting, subscription of initial public offering, placement of shares, local and overseas bonds brokerage, exchange traded fund (ETF), trading of real estate investment trust (REIT), trading of stock warrants, trading of stock options, trading of CBBCs.
Clients can process their trading of Hong Kong stocks, US stocks and overseas stocks easily via an integrated account, which can be registered online very quickly. They can trade their securities via online trading systems "Securities Trader" or customer hotline round the clock. Moreover, the company provides secure custodian services to protect clients' assets and handles dividend-related issues, as well as provides daily professional market analysis to help customers make wise investment decisions.