Southwest Securities (HK) Futures Limited is licensed with the SFC to conduct Type 2 regulated activity under the SFO. It provides consultation and trading services in the futures market around the world, including the exchanges of Hong Kong, Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and etc., encompassing an extensive range of futures products and trades that can take many forms, which include local futures and options (such as Hang Seng Index futures and options, H-Share Index futures and options, mini Hang Seng Index futures and options, and mini H-Share Index futures), and overseas futures (such as Dow Jones Industrial Average futures, Tokyo commodity futures, London LME metal futures, LME-SGX metal futures, and US commodity, bonds, interest rate, foreign exchange futures).

The company provides a great variety of choices that allow clients conduct futures trading in worldwide markets via an integrated account and carry out leveraged trading, hedging and arbitrage. It also provides secure custodian services to protect clients' futures and options assets. The company gives professional investment opinions and analysis to help clients make wise investment decisions, as well as publishes the latest news about local and global futures market to enable clients to understand market trends and grasp investment opportunities. Clients can register futures accounts online and trade their futures flexibly and conveniently via online trading systems "Futures Trader" and “Stock Options Trader” or customer hotline round the clock.